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Material: Digital Drawing

Size: 6 x 9 inch

Year: 2021

This is the cover design for Benjamin Zephaniah's poem collection, Talking Turkeys. With the turkey at the heart of the design taking into account the children's audience of the poetry book, the highlight of this illustration design is the echo of the front and back covers and the texture of the hand-drawn type.

这是为Benjamin Zephaniah的诗集Talking Turkeys制作的封面设计。以火鸡为核心的设计兼顾了诗集的儿童群体的受众,该插画设计的亮点在于封面与封底的呼应,以及手绘字体的质感。

Year2-book cover design (2).jpg
Year2-book cover design (1).jpg
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