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Vote for Voters

Material: Digital Drawing

Size: 210mmX50mm flip-over Publication

Year: 2020

This is a collective ballot design based on the research  I vote as I am _____. and I vote because I concern about ______. The answers to these two questions were based on two different modes of thinking about the reasons for voting, identity-based ideology and issue-based ideology. These identities were gathered and presented in the form of a ballot —— I created a unique party
Logo for each answer.

这是一个基于研究的集体选票设计,我投票是因为我是_____。我投票是因为我关注______。对这两个问题的回答是基于对投票原因的两种不同思维模式,即基于身份的意识形态和基于问题的意识形态。 这些身份被收集起来,并以选票的形式呈现--我为每个答案创建了一个独特的党派logo。

Year2-I vote as I am.jpg
Year2-I vote as I am (2).JPG
Year2-I vote as I am- setup.JPG
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