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Quack Agent

Category: Exhibition Design, Curation and Poster design

Year: 2023

The Quack Agent offline exhibition is my first solo exhibition in London and I am responsible for the curatorial team and graphic designer for the exhibition. The exhibition is located in the Holborn area of central London, with a street-level gallery in collaboration with Liquid studio. The main exhibits are the printed satirical comics I created in the summer of 2022, as well as their derivatives, including illustrated sculptures, AR interactive animations, and video images. The project explores the possibilities of illustration and graphic design in three dimensions. The main challenge of the project was to communicate the message visually and succinctly and to attract foot traffic along the street.

The Quack Agent线下展览是我在伦敦的首个个展,同时我也是该展览的策展团队与平面设计师。该展览位于伦敦市中心的Holborn地区,与Liquid studio合作布置了沿街展厅。主要展品是我在2022年夏季创作的讽刺漫画印刷品,以及其衍生品,包括插画雕塑,AR交互动画,以及视频影像。该项目探索了插画与平面设计在三维空间中的可能性。如何直观简洁地传达信息并吸引沿街人流是该项目地主要挑战。


Invitation Design


Posters were positioned in RCA Campus

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Key Vision, Motion Poster Design


Poster Design in Exhibition

Exhibition Private View

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