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Mind your Breath

Technique: Motion Graphic

Tools: Photoshop, AE, Artivive

Year: 2020 (17).gif

Mind your Breath is a dynamic design for air quality visualisation. In collaboration with, the project uses a public questionnaire to collect people's assessments of air quality in different areas of London and assembles their responses into a dynamic album in the form of a map that reflects the impact of air quality on mental health.

Mind your Breath是对于空气质量可视化的动态设计。与350.org合作,该项目以公共问卷的形式收集大众对于伦敦不同居住地区的空气质量评估,并且将他们的回答以地图的形式集合成动态专辑,以反映空气质量对于心理健康的影响。 (5).gif (18).gif (14).gif (12).gif (4).gif (2).gif
25.gif (13).gif (3).gif
26-1.gif (6).gif
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