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Material: Digital Printing

Size: A2

Year: 2023

(Re)Colonization? is a collection of 3D printed sculptures and banners depicting African crops extruded into the shape of a botanical garden greenhouse. The distorted botanical shapes represent a contemporary reimagining of the culture of colonised Western countries. From the perspective of the plant, the artist questions whether the global export of the concept of decolonisation is another manifestation of Western discourse. The sculptural series was exhibited in Kew's Palm Conservatory, where plants from Africa were transplanted. The visual design is listed here as part of the poster and banner design.

(Re)Colonization?是一个 包含了3D 打印雕塑系列与横幅设计的装置集合,描绘了被挤压成植物园温室形状的非洲作物。扭曲的植物形状代表了当代西方殖民地国家文化的重塑。艺术家从植物的视角质疑非殖民化概念的全球输出是否是西方话语的另一种表现形式。这些雕塑系列在邱园的棕榈温室展出,那里移植了来自非洲的植物。在此成列的是视觉设计是其中海报设计与横幅设计的部分。

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