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Animal Future
Film Festival

Material: Digital Printing

Year: 2023

I was honored to produce a poster for the International Animal Future Festival. Combining layers of elements from film, animals and the future, the poster is a graphic illustration in orange and black that is being used for physical signage in offline cinemas and prints of celebrity films.


我很荣幸能为International Animal Future Festival创作海报。结合了电影,动物与未来等层元素,该海报以橘色和黑色为主色,以平面插画的形式投入使用于线下院线的实体立牌与明星片的印刷中。

Display of my prints at the event


Banner Design, LAFFF key visual


Poster design, LAFFF key visual

test poster.jpg

Poster design, LAFFF Open call

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