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Material: Digital Printing

Size: 1.3m x 0.96m 

Year: 2023

The Royal College of Art Information Experience Design one-year students' graduation exhibition was named Counterpoint, and I had the great honour of leading the main visual design, being responsible for all print outputs, and co-created the exhibition poster with four other students. In collaboration, I was primarily responsible for the text layout and the modelling designer was Sammy, a graduate also from IED.

皇家艺术大学Information Experience Design一年制学生的毕业展以Counterpoint命名,我十分有幸地领导了主视觉设计,负责所有印刷品的产出,并且与其他四位学生共同创作了展览海报。在合作中,我主要负责文字排版,建模设计师为同样来自于IED的毕业生Sammy。

physical printed.jpg
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